S a f e t y

Our commitment to safety is at the core of our identity. We put safety first in all we do to protect our customers, subcontractors and employees. Over the last 5 years, CDK has recorded only 4 cases with days away from work measured against 720,00 total hours worked by employees.

CDK has assigned employees with the singular purpose of ensuring safety and compliance with regulations through daily field inspections. Our policies and procedures are made very clear to Superintendents. Each Superintendent is required to complete thorough and rigorous training sessions relating to job safety.

We dedicate thousands of hours yearly to ensure all employees receive proper safety training during pre-employment, tool box talks, classrooms and on-the-job training. CDK has comprehensive files, which support and document this training.

CDK has received multiple commendations regarding the integrity and thoroughness of our safety program over an extended period of time.


      DBH Resources (Risk Analysis Firm) Your program is one of the best I have seen. Most construction company programs are in a three-ring binder that sits on the shelf and most project superintendents make little use of it. It is very impressive the way you have made CDK's safety program an interactive tool and "fool proof" in its use in the field. I was also impressed with how it was implemented in the field when I visited the UW job site….. Steve Steel 12-05 

      Department of Labor and Industries: I was very impressed with the well thought-out way you approached the safety issue not only from your employees but also for those individuals who work in and around the hospital…Victoria Myles 8-04 

      Associated Builders & Contractors: S.T.E.P. award in recognition of CDK's Gold Level of achievement and ongoing efforts in the development of a quality safety program.