O t h e r    S e r v i c e s


Our team offers a roadmap that identifies all phases of the construction process. This includes:

Conceptual Design Value Engineering
Site Review Inspections Cost Estimating/Budgeting
Quality Assurance Cash Flow Projections

Project Management

CDK Project Managers, Project Engineers and Superintendents work together to consistently exceed our customer's expectations.

This requires close coordination and in-depth communication with our customers, the design team, city, county and state officials, our filed & office support staff and subcontractors. Project Management includes:

Contract Development Scheduling
Supervision Safety Inspections
Weekly Meetings Budget Monitoring
Material Purchasing Labor Allocation
Quality Control Inspections Owner, Developer and Architect Communication
Trade Coordination Close out


We have earned a reputation for our technical expertise on services ranging from damage assessment, estimating, expert witness and construction monitoring.

We have assisted with many construction projects relating to defect issues and numerous catastrophic events across the country.

We understand current market conditions and construction methods that validate our pricing and repair recommendations.